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Are You Content?

By Jamea Miller

The word “contentment” has been in my spirit lately, and I’ve felt led to find the true meaning. Definitions of the word contentment mention states of happiness, satisfaction and peace. I feel like being content is sometimes confused, at least for me, with being stagnant or unproductive.

Recently, I’ve been reminded that every season isn’t a “good season." While I’ve learned much and grown plenty, it didn’t feel good. And once I finally stopped straining and striving for my goal, I was forced into contentment.

True contentment is not being stagnant, unproductive, or complacent. It is, however, knowing and resting in the wisdom that where you are now is where you are for a reason. It is knowing that when time is fulfilled, you will progress, moving on or up to the next level. Knowing that your current circumstance is temporary leaves no reason for anxiety or rush. It actually lends its self to being calm and focusing on the purpose for this time, this lesson or skill being learned.

Finding contentment in any circumstance or situation or season helps to ensure these 2 of many things:

1. That you wont leave this place empty handed, not having anything to show (or know!) for the time you spent here.

2. That you wont have to go back and retake this same lesson or test again!

I feel strongly that not being content is attributed directly to fear. Fear of the unknown. Momentary fear that you may be in this place forever. Fear that where you are now is the equivalent to where you are going, or even worse, the equivalent to what you’re worth!

Contentment to me means always being open to what’s better and new, while still being fully present in what’s NOW! Observing. Learning. Praying for the “better” and the instructions on how to get there. It means wanting more and knowing that more is coming.

Being content means being humble, not lazy or lackadaisical. Humble and honest to stop and say “ This is where I am…not who I am or where I’m going”. Being content is one of the keys to JOY. There will always be ups and downs. Highs and lows. Great seasons and seasons that aren’t so great. So enjoy them all! Being content and having faith that the “BETTER” you know is coming will arrive in perfect timing, and will be better than you imagined. Because you’re worth it!


Jamea Miller is a mother who proudly professes her love for God. At age 16, she began cultivating a relationship with Him. Her passion is to learn and to teach, especially the things of God, and how He operates in daily living. While she plans to publish her books in future, right now she is sharing her message one topic, one story, one lesson and one revelation at a time.

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