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Overcoming Fear and Being Faithful

By Tiffany Malati Mavis

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

~ Psalm 56:3

When I look back on my life I think back to how many times I let fear be louder than my faith. My struggle with anxiety overcomes daily. I give to God so he can move in me.

He is always there. He is ready to calm my fears and make his dreams in me shine through. Anxiety is something that I give to God a lot. I was afraid of failing and not being good enough to fulfill what God has called me to do. I let fear of what others think or say about me influence how I would follow through with a dream God has given me. For so long I let anxieties and fears hold me back from God's calling on my life. I let what I thought was a failed mission trip to India in my mind distract me from pursuing more callings God had on my life. Yes, I have some amazing people that speak into my life. I have an incredible husband and family who believes in me but I let fear be louder than anything else. I would forget all God has done for me. Until I stepped out in faith and began writing my own women's devotional blog in 2013.

My heart is for all of God's daughters to know they are, "Beautifully Loved." I stepped out in faith, I DREAMED BIG , and started writing to inspire and encourage women of all ages. Young girls with big dreams. I now write to encourage my daughter so that one day she could see that her momma could change the world and so can she one day.

I finished my first devotional, "Beautifully Loved" in 2018, for family and close friends. I pursued a calling God had laid on my heart and I kept on writing. I have had so many friends and family come to me and say, God has used my devotionals when they needed the encouragement the most. I am honored and I am humbled that God would use me. If my devotionals can reach just one girl or women who needs to feel loved and appreciated that day, I have done what God has called me to do. To uplift and encourage his daughters. I am just a girl who was found under a mango tree in India adopted into an amazing loving Christian family. Now as a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend, I am used by God.

Sisters, God wants to use you. He wants you to cast all your doubts and fears away. He wants you to dig deep and find his beauty in your hearts. His beauty in your life so you can shine for him in this world. Whether you want to start your own business, be a wife, momma, or be a daughter who loves God with everything in her and wants to know his plans for her life. God wants to use YOU. Even if you have no idea why you were placed on this earth to be used. God has a wonderful plan. You can do anything with him and go anywhere he is calling you to go in this world. Never let fear or anxiety hold you back. Go ahead sisters and shine bright because you and only you have the gifts and talents that are needed for what God is calling you do to today!


About Tiffany:

Tiffany is known for writing one of her many devotionals titled "Beautifully Loved" that is about uplifting and encouraging all women to know we are all chosen, loved, and made beautiful by God. She is also a fitness lover encourager. She has a beautiful family that includes her husband and a beautiful daughter. Tiffany is a lover of life, laughter, people, and smiles. Connect with her on Instagram.


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