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Safeguards In The Storm

By: Nakoa Dantzler Merritt

So, what happens when the clouds roll in and the storm hits?

When the eviction notice comes?

When they walk out?

When you lose the baby you were praying for?

When you see THAT post on Instagram?

What's next?

What do you do?

In my case I cry, and I've finally realized that there is nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with rushing through the process of grief or the initial emotion associated with a major life event. The key to how you survive the event is your reaction at this very point.

Do you need to see a therapist?

Do you need to relocate?

Do you need to check into a treatment facility?

Do you need to block their number?

Do you need to get a support system of family and friends in place?

Do you need to throw out those pills?

The situation or the storm may not be going anywhere any time soon. Unprocessed emotions and a lack of measures put in place as safeguards have the potential to turn into self-harm or other destructive behaviors because of the stress that the storm intrinsically applies, as storms do. Hear me when I say it does not have to be that way for you.

All you can do is put safeguards in place however that may look for you so

that you can be ok as you go through, so that you can come through whole

on the other side.

Imagine the storm though it is an unwavering presence and even at times appears to be a force that is out of our control, it is something we can prepare for. This is where the concept of safeguards comes into play.

Safeguards are the thoughtful and intentional measures we put in place to protect our well-being and preserve our sense of self as we journey through. Safeguarding takes on a profound significance as we are stewards of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We have the ability to draw from our lived experiences, spiritual roots and cultivate safeguards that guide and protect us. Safeguards come in many forms – practices that restore our peace,

connections that nourish our souls, and habits that sustain our mental and emotional equilibrium.

For some, it might mean putting spiritual disciplines in place such as daily scheduled moments of meditation or prayer. For others, it could involve surrounding oneself with an authentic, like-minded, and supportive community. Whatever it may look like for you sis, do it!

It's essential to acknowledge that safeguarding is a deeply personal process requiring deliberate steps to protect our well-being, even in the midst of the unrelenting presence of a storm.


About the Author:

With a passion for personal development and a background in psychology and coaching, Nakoa Dantzler Merritt brings a unique blend of knowledge and empathy to her projects. Her previous works have been well-received for their ability to connect with readers on a profound level and offer tangible guidance for transformative change. In addition to being an avid writer, she is the founder of Group NDM. Learn more and connect with her here.


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