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When Bullying Hits Home

By: Motivational Mary

I am a survivor and advocate against bullying. I have two children, one is 19 and the other is 11. Although my son is much older than my daughter, there has been some sibling rivalry which reflects some bullying behavior between them. I thought due to the 8 1/2 year age gap it wouldn't be a problem, but I was wrong.

When I suspected and saw my children displaying this behavior I would simply address it. I encourage them to love others as Christ loves us. Which means don't make fun of others due to lack of resources, age, ethnicity, height, weight or disability. I had to be honest and share with them that when you display bullying behavior it causes someone to feel alone, and sometimes depressed which increases their chance of doing bodily harm to themselves.

I believe the approach we take as parents can be very helpful in discouraging unacceptable behavior. Be open with your child about your experiences. Since I was a victim of bullying, this gave my children the ability to see the aftermath of what could happen.

One specific strategy I used to help my children was to schedule some time alone for an outing. This gives the perfect setting for your child to know that you love them and that they do not have to compete for your attention. As you reach closer to the end of your date talk to them about the bullying behavior he or she has displayed. Afterwards, create a plan of action together and have weekly discussions to share activities or insights on improvements made. In those discussions you can use simple things that resonate with them on their level so it can be implemented. Now, make it interactive, informative, but fun. You can also consider joining a PTA or the school committee to stand against bullying.

Although there are many reasons children display bullying behavior, we as parents have to set the example. Some children learn it from peers, school, watching a tv show, music and even family. Every parent is given the opportunity to train and teach our children to become the next generational leaders and a positive influencer in this world.

Sometimes as parents we may not have had the best examples growing up, but that does not give us an excuse to not want to change for the better. Some traditions, expressions and mindsets are meant to be changed and not passed down. Many would argue, "my momma or daddy did it, so I believe it's only right to do it."

Well, let's just say in this generation the only thing that stands true is a sure foundation in Christ to know who you are created to be and the purpose of your life.

As parents we are not perfect, but we can begin to perfect our behavior to help those around us.


About The Author:

Motivational Mary is a wife, woman of GOD and mom who loves to write and speak about moving beyond the past to live in the present. Growing up without a natural father was a struggle for her. Through her life it brought on great pain and experiences. However, with great pain and experiences comes wisdom. She was able to overcome bullying, domestic violence and condemnation. This allowed her to establish her organization “Motivational Mary in 2014 and self-publish 5 books. She has been recognized for several awards and been featured in the news for what GOD has done in her to help others.

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