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Trusting God in the Unknown: Stories of Faith and Triumph


What happens when life hits you unexpectedly? The year 2020 was unlike any that this generation has seen. For most people, January brought with it new resolutions and high expectations. But in a matter of weeks life changed, expectations were shattered, and many found themselves navigating uncharted territories of grief, isolation, loss, and anxiety.


Whether it was a job layoff, an unexpected diagnosis, a business closing, or a drastic change in family dynamics, people all over the world were confronted with what it means to truly trust God in uncertainty as some learned that it was easy to have faith at the mountaintop, but not as easy to trust God during a storm.


Within the pages of this anthology are the stories of six women who battled and saw God transform tests into testimonies. Each story will encourage and remind you that it is possible to not only trust God in the unexpected but to triumph amid the unknown.

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