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Her Story: Encouragement for Women in Business

If God has called you into entrepreneurship, then you should know that it's not just business as usual. What if the calling is also about purpose, legacy, and community? This study by MCWEN Founder, Andrena Sawyer, provides practical insights and encouragement for women to be counter-cultural and to take God at His word for the success of their business and ministry.

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Self-Sabotage: The Other Enemy

There is a subtle enemy that many believers battle daily. It is called self-sabotage. It is dangerous and deceptive because it causes you to stand in your own way, and if you are not careful, it will also cause you to talk yourself out of God's blessings. But, be encouraged. There is a blueprint for victory. Join MCWEN Founder Andrena Sawyer for a 5-day study on overcoming this enemy.

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Influencer: Finding Truths in the Trends

What does it mean to be a Godly influencer? We live in a society where performance and optics are more valuable than character and depth. Thankfully, God called, qualified, and justified us without us having to perform for Him. Join MCWEN Founder Andrena Sawyer in a 3-day study designed for those who would like to be free from the performance trap to make a genuine Christ-centered impact in the world.

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Trusting God in the Unknown: Stories of Faith & Triumph

Some people are lost in the fire, and others are built from it. When life hits you unexpectedly, it can seem difficult to trust God. Difficult, however, is not impossible. Check out the stories of everyday people who chose to have faith in trying times, and experienced God in extraordinary ways. Be encouraged that similarly, He's moving on your behalf as well.

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Woke: Living for an Audience of One in a Cancel Culture

Cancel culture has become trendy in recent years. It is an imposing force that threatens to silence or "cancel" those who hold convictions that may differ from mainstream thinking. However, the bible is clear that there is nothing new under the sun. Join MCWEN Founder Andrena Sawyer for this 4-day devotional that encourages believers to stand firm in their beliefs and convictions regardless of what the world says is trendy.