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Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (MCWEN) is a thriving community for Christian women of color who have an interest in entrepreneurship and business ownership. Using the Proverbs 31 woman as a model, MCWEN seeks to support women to become impactful and positively influential in their homes, community, and at work.  

We recognize that culture is shifting and women of color are now the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs, but the women in the MCWEN community do not just want to do business as usual. Our goal is to provide culturally-engaging and appropriate offerings to support this segment of entrepreneurs. We believe that when women are given equitable resources to develop healthy social, emotional, spiritual, and physical skills, it results in self-sufficiency, healthy families, job creation, and community viability.


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We frequently get asked the question, "why minority?" While it is our hope that we could live in a society where equity is a guarantee, we recognize that is not yet the case. To the question of "why minority?" there are several layers to our response. Click below to learn more. 

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