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4 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their Horizons

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

By: Jessica Benedict

Women are on the rise in business. In 2021, 49% of businesses in the US were started

by women, a big jump from 28% just two years prior. This is even more impressive

considering the obstacles women face across all workplaces and industries. But even

after achieving an amazing milestone, female entrepreneurs still have many

opportunities to grow and improve. Here are some ways you can keep bettering yourself

and, in turn, your business:

Learn from your community

As an entrepreneur, you might start falling into the idea that you can manage on your

own without any help. However, relying on yourself all the time can hold you back.

Reaching out to your community can open you up to new views and thoughts you have

not yet explored yourself. The people in your community can also help guide you on the

right paths and help you make good decisions. Seeing others flourish in their pursuits

can further inspire and motivate you to go beyond what you currently do and know.

When you feel lost or confused when you start your journey into branching out of your

comfort zone, don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, colleagues, and the other

communities you are a part of to ask for direction.

Keep yourself educated

Even though you’ve already made your way into the working world, learning and

studying are still essential for entrepreneurs. Pursuing further studies — especially

subjects that may seem unexpected or unconventional — can be a great way to

broaden your perspective. If you are thinking about heading back to school there are

many scholarships just for women that you can apply for, especially for in demand fields

like mathematics.  Maryville University notes how scholarships for women in

mathematics  are widely available, with many options to help pay for classes, including

grants and fellowships across graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral tracks. With the

financial cost of going back to school being the main reason that many don’t attempt it,

pursuing a scholarship is a financially viable way to continuously educate yourself.

If taking on a full course seems too much, there are plenty of short courses available

online, on platforms such as Udemy, that cover every business topic imaginable. Your

newfound skills from these diverse programs can give you an updated view of life,

society, and business, and will change how you run things. Look for programs that work

with your schedule and lifestyle, and be careful about taking on too many ventures at

once — maintaining balance is also vital for entrepreneurs!

Stay updated on current tech

Hiring talent to deal with things you aren’t familiar with can be easier, but equipping

yourself with basic know-how regarding new technologies can give you a leg up in life

and work. Trends like data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency are just

some things you can learn more about and introduce to your business. Even if you

aren’t currently dealing with these technologies, knowing the latest trends can ensure

your business is up-to-date with the most efficient tools.

Learning about tech you aren’t familiar with can be daunting. Forbes’ tips for women

entrepreneurs to break into tech  point out that your mindset of fear and doubt can be

very limiting. Bring on a coach or mentor who can guide you as you experiment. They

can foster more confidence and motivate you to get the hang of the tech you want to

learn more about.

Set goals and take action

It’s not enough to simply want to broaden your horizons; you need to take active steps

and set goals to achieve this level of growth. To start selecting the best goals to help

you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll need to accept that you will face some

struggles and discomfort.

Our  post called “Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable” discusses that even the

most minor actions can bring you closer to achieving your vision for yourself. Whether

through meditating on your goals regularly, constantly reflecting on your aspirations, and

evaluating your progress, you may find yourself on the road to your dreams. Be kind to

yourself as you go about your self-improvement journey.



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