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10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Stay Motivated

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

By Elaine Rau

The life of an entrepreneur is hectic, tiresome, and ever-changing. More often than not, we can lose sight of our purpose for our business and our motivation begins to diminish. When you feel you are drained of any and all motivation, try using some of these tips to get you back on track to determination!

1. Morning routine

For some, this may already be part of your daily routine, but for others, you may have never tried having a morning routine. I’m here to tell you they are INCREDIBLY important for maintaining motivation. When you establish a strict morning routine (whatever that may look like for you), you are guaranteed to feel more accomplished and driven as your day goes on. Start simple and add items to your routine as you get better at accomplishing the ones you started with. One step at a time, you do not need a 20-step plan to begin with.

2. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

We all know the saying “You are who you hang out with” and it’s so true! Choose to surround yourself with inspiring, influential, and motivational people and you will begin to cultivate and recognize these characteristics in yourself.

3. Daily goals

Whether a part of your morning routine or not, setting goals for each day makes completing them that much easier. This can be the day before or the morning of, but sitting down and writing 3-5 MUST COMPLETE goals for each day with a couple of extra goals included if you have time is a great way to hold yourself accountable for completing the tasks you promised yourself you would get done.

4. Motivational podcasts

While mindless relaxation is totally acceptable from time to time (I’m talking to you die-hard Netflixers out there!), podcasts are a great way to take a break from the rigorous activities of your daily life and get away for a while. I highly recommend finding some motivational podcasters you enjoy and playing them in the mornings as you’re getting ready, or in the car on your commute, or even while simply sitting and relaxing. This is an awesome way to wind-down while still getting your creative juices flowing.

5. Learn from your failures

No one likes failing, as simple as that. However, it is also true that no one ever grows without failure. When you find yourself in a situation that didn’t go as you planned, write down what happened in detail and try to turn these negatives into positives. While this task doesn’t seem fun, it is so beneficial to notice the good that comes out of situations that you wish hadn’t happened.

6. Catch yourself

Often as humans in general, we fall into this default of negative thinking and we just accept our thoughts as fact. This is evident in all areas of life as well, and especially regarding motivation. When you find yourself using negative language about yourself or your business, practice catching yourself in the moment and negating those false, unhelpful thoughts. For example, if you find yourself comparing your business or your brand to another person’s, stop and list off all the reasons you can come up with that your brand is succeeding.

7. Accomplishments

Taking time every now and then to write down all you have accomplished is a great way to boost your confidence and find that drive again. You would be lying to yourself if you believed that you haven't accomplished anything worthwhile, we both know that’s bogus. Simply getting this far in your career is something to be proud of!

8. Take necessary breaks There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to breaks throughout your work week, even throughout your workday. In fact, breaks are incredibly healthy to maintaining positive mental health. It’s unrealistic to think you can go go go with no breaks or pauses to step away from the craziness of your career. Meditation is an incredibly productive way to take helpful breaks.

9. Reward Yourself

Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in our jobs that we forget why we started them in the first place. Whatever that reason looks like for you, I’m sure it falls somewhere within the category of financial freedom. With this being said, you have every right to set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you meet those goals. Rewards look different to everyone but try setting a goal that has a reward at the end. These little rewards are what push you to keep excelling.

10. Reflect on your success

You started your business for a reason and you have been succeeding from day 1. Remind yourself of this as often as you can and do your best to never lose sight of what you set out to accomplish!

Motivation is rollercoaster. There will be days that you are on fire and days where you wish you could just quit. What helps in these downtimes is knowing that it is normal and expected to have these days. Practice finding ways to gain your motivation when you have lost sight of it. You got this!

Written by Fran Kolars, a blogging intern at


About Elaine:

Former National Wedding Sales Manager, Elaine Rau, lost her brother-in-law, her job, and her home all in one week. Stuck in a third world country with no job opportunities, she had to learn how to make an income online... ASAP. So she spent her last bit of savings, $12.18 to be exact, and invested in a blog domain: Since its conception, LadyBossBlogger has garnered a massive audience of 150K in under 2 years. Elaine is a successful female entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to empowering women all over the world and educating them about how to become business owners and full time bloggers. To learn more, visit and connect with Elaine on her Instagram.


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