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Three Habits of a Successful Woman

By: Jocelyn Cook

I know you’ve whispered to yourself several times when you see a #bossbabe crushing it on social media; “what does she do? How is she so successful?” You have that elusive dream you want to obtain and you have your definition of success. So what does she do to get those results?

It is not the definition your grandparents once used, or maybe it is. Instead I tell my clients and fellow entrepreneurs to define their own success. Whatever success looks like to you, set goals and take meaningful, actionable steps with purpose to obtain those goals.

There are three habits every successful woman has mastered in order to reach her goals and her idea of success. These habits are in her daily life to live the lifestyle even you desire.

The first habit is she has learned to manage her time. She has learned to create a daily routine and sticks to it like glue. Not only that, that successful woman keeps an agenda with all of her appointments and important dates. She even has “cheat codes” on streamlining tasks throughout her day to maximize her time. It is so important to work these time management skills meticulously.

Second, a successful woman sets goals with every intention of meeting those goals.

When you have goals, it does no good to simply say the words, otherwise, it is just

daydreaming. You must take meaningful steps to obtain those goals, and eliminate distractions. A successful woman may appear to be superwoman, but she does not fall down the rabbit hole of trying to do all of the things all of the time for everyone.

Is your day filled with tasks and steps that won’t lead to your ultimate goal of that “successful

revenue month?” If so, it is time to reevaluate your time and steps, so you can reach your goals.

The third habit of a successful woman is, she knows her purpose and walks in it. Do you know

who you are and Whose you are? Every human created, and us women entrepreneurs are no

different, have the same purpose, it is to bring God glory. The gifts He has blessed us with is our avenue of living out the purpose.

You should create a habit of remembering your purpose and creating a business plan or content that focuses on bringing God the glory. That could be through daily journaling or devotion, or any habit that helps you remember that purpose.

So if you find yourself looking at successful women in wonder, and you wish to be on that level, I suggest you first remember your purpose, and then seek God in asking what method He has given you to reach that purpose.

It could be through life coaching, writing a book, selling courses that help busy moms tackle

their days. Whatever dream God has placed on your heart, that is your avenue to be used to

fulfill your purpose. But do not mistake that gift or avenue for your purpose.

A successful woman never loses sight of this third but very important habit of always

remembering and walking in her purpose.

These may not be the only habits a woman of success has mastered, but it is more than likely

where she started. If you are ready to take steps to obtain your idea of success, I say start with these three habits, and you will be on your way.


To learn more and connect with Jocelyn Cook -- The Different Mom, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.


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