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Ask, Seek, Knock - The Best Business Hacks

By Bukunmi Sobande

There are so many options available to us in this age. Before now, we used to be limited to sales or products and services and even these are limited. Today however, we are open to a myriad of business options both off line and online. This option is both a blessing and a curse.

While you may find the need for generating more income either as a side gig or main gig, the options of products you can make or services to render in a business venture can be overwhelming. If you're someone inclined in arts, you may consider starting a shirt making business were your brand is based on beautiful designs and quotes or be art teaching running online courses or even work as a graphic designer. The list is endless. So how do you find the move that's right for you? As I read through the gospel of Mathew this morning I came across the familiar and popular verse of Mathew 7:7

Ask and you shall receive:

It is an inconvenience to have to go through several businesses only to discover though we are talented enough, we are not cut out for a particular kind of business. Imagine a fashion lover who starts an online or offline fashion store only to realize the best fit for her would have been to become a stylist. We all can save ourselves from running into challenges like this if only we seek God's face and ask for directions before launching a project. Remember he is the alpha (beginning) and omega (end) he sees the end of a thing before it begins.

So you want to launch a new business, expand your existing one, have a partner, get new investors or even employ a new hand all you need do is ask and you'd receive answers that will point you in the right direction.

Seek and you shall find:

Many times we associate seeking/finding something with a loss. What if we need not loose anything to seek. Seek wisdom, it opens doors and breaks barriers. The wiser you become the more you become better at what you do and make more informed decisions. Let your competitors wonder how you always make the right move at the right time.

It's true that living as an adult is challenging. However, if we make conscious effort to improve our skills, by seeking knowledge that hard thing will become easier to deal with because we would have found smarter ways to handle these challenges.

Knock and it shall be opened:

I was at an event not long ago, and realize I was in the presence of many notably successful people. I became overwhelmed and star stricken. All of a sudden my tongue was tied and dry I couldn't move out of my chair. Eventually I talked myself into walking up to one of them. I've admired this woman all my life and I convinced myself I had nothing to loose even if she turned me away. That move changed my life, I learnt so much from our conversation and she even took liberty to introduce me to other people. Some doors opened that night, they even cheered me on, when I discussed some projects I was working on and they offered to help out in different ways.

Sometimes, you can never know which door will open to you except you knock and who knows what opportunities abound on the other side of the door.

In most cases God has made good plans for our lives and businesses. He has created road maps for creating a better life for us. All we need do is ask, seek and knock.


About Bukunmi:

In real life, she partners with financial industry. In her spear time she loves watching movies, reading books and traveling. But most of all she sees the struggle to keep up with bills, trying to have something left to flex while still doing our best nit to worry about our future.

So she decided to use her writing skill, in combination with her love for reading (research) to help everyday people like herself live extraordinary lives. One where we can stop living from one pay day to the next and one where money is not the first reason to discourage us from chasing our dreams.

To learn more, visit her website and connect with her on Facebook.


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