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How to Monetize Your God-Given Gifts

After being laid off twice in the same year shifting my financial household for the worst I knew something had to change. I am no stranger to having my financial state dictated by an outside force like an individual or entity. I remember after graduating from college I could not secure a job. I would go on to land temp jobs for 2-3 months at a time and be disposed of once they had no need for me anymore. 

I would sometimes work 2 to 3 jobs at a time and even compromise who I was and my values just to make ends meet. Running into God, and diving into His word I realize that is not what God had for me. That God has called His children to have life abundantly (John 10:10), to be lenders and not borrowers (Deuteronomy 15:6), His blessings add no sorrows (Proverbs 10:22), and that He leads us to a wealthy place (Psalm 66:12).

Most importantly Deuteronomy 18:8 stuck out to me that God has given us the ability to create wealth. To do this, He has given us gifts, skills, and talents to be used for His glory. It was at this intersection I realized the importance of using our gifts to become self-sufficient financially, not apart from God, but with Him. 

Whether you are looking to start a business, transition from your 9-5, or generate additional income, it became my mission to help Christ-centered women, partner with God, identify their unique gifts, and generate income and impact in the marketplace using them. 

Here's the Formula to Monetize Your God-Given Gifts

The Formula is:

📌One problem you want to solve for people x The audience you want to help solve that problem for x One offer/method you have for them to solve that problem = Money 

One problem you want to solve for people  

The one problem you want to solve for people has to be a problem that they need to solve right away! This will add a sense of urgency for them to come to you for that particular solution.

Think about it. Your hair is a mess, you're not that good at doing it, and suddenly an unexpected event happening the next day springs up on you. More than likely you will diligently seek out a hairdresser to do your hair, and do so urgently. That's the type of urgency you want your ideal audience to have when thinking about their problem needing to be solved. 

Action Item: Think about some of the major problems you've faced and how you have overcome them

The audience you want to help solve that problem for

Who is God specifically calling you to serve? The audience you want to help solve that problem for has to be a group of people that will most benefit from your solution. For example, if you are a Christian content creator helping people draw closer to God, would seasoned Christians or non-believers best benefit from your solution?

Action Item: Make a list of everyone you feel called to serve, be as detailed as possible. Example: Low-income families on section 8, Black Christian Women struggling with mental health, Corporate executives looking to transition to entrepreneurship. Once you have this list, review all the problems you've overcome and think about which one of these groups of people will best benefit from your solution. 

One offer/method you have for them to solve that problem

One offer/method you have for them to solve that problem should typically be a high ticket offer, not just in price but in transformational value. How are you going to get your audience from point A to point B, their desired result? You also want to think about the vehicle you will use to present this solution to your audience. 

Example: You've overcome a fast food eating addiction through therapy writing and journaling. Your target audience is single moms who struggle to make healthy food choices that are now affecting their children's health. These women are typically tired after work and don't have time to prepare a healthy meal, so they grab fast food on the way home. Your solution is a 3-day 'Journal through the Junk' workshop that teaches these moms to use food blogging to identify the root of their cravings and combat them with alternative food options that are easy, tasty, and healthy to prepare for their families. 

Your offer is to help them make alternative food choices that will be tasty and quick to make, changing the health of their children. The method is a 3-day workshop.  

Action Item: Make a list of what you can offer and how you plan to offer it. Will it be through a course, workshop/training, group coaching, 1:1 coaching, or membership community? 

Monetizing your gifts will require some thought and identification of your unique gifts. But once you can identify those 3 things you'll be well on your way to generating income using the value already found inside of you. 

If you need additional help with this, I have created a self-paced planner that will help you discover your gifts, come up with income-generating ideas around them, and begin setting it up as a business in just 30 days. You can grab that here


About the Author:

Odaisha Calderon is a Real-estate investor, Certified Life & Business Coach, and founder of The Woman of Power Group. Odaisha empowers Christ-centered women to use their gifts to build Kingdom businesses for income and impact so they can be self-sufficient financially. You can connect with Odaisha on instagram @Thewomanofpowergroup or through email at


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