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Seizing New Horizons: How To Pivot With The Opportunity Challenge Method

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

By Samonee K.

Multiracial Business Women

Entrepreneurs often face unexpected challenges that demand swift action and resilience.

When faced with a devastating business event, such as losing a crucial partnership, embracing change becomes essential. In this article, we will explore how entrepreneurs can navigate the process of pivoting after a devastating challenge by applying the power of my Opportunity Challenge Method.

The Opportunity Challenge Method emphasizes the importance of seeing opportunity in every challenge. To guide you on this transformative journey, I have structured this article around a set of crucial steps, beginning with the foundational rule that drives the entire process.

Steps to move through a challenging situation: The only rule is always to see the

opportunity in the challenge.

Step One: Understand the Challenge

The journey begins by deeply understanding the challenge at hand. Take time to assess it

thoroughly, gaining clarity on the factors that led to this unexpected outcome.

Step Two: Assess the Complexity

  • Next, consider whether this challenge can be easily managed or demands more contemplation.

  • If manageable, brainstorm 2-3 solutions or consult trusted mentors and peers for guidance.

  • If the challenge continues, delve into your emotions, acknowledging your strongest feelings and their polar opposites. Understand that both negative and positive emotions have their place in this process.

Step Three: Embrace Balance and Resilience

  • Recognizing that life's mission is woven with both light and shadow, embrace with faith what these opposing emotions create.

  • Beneath it all, affirm one constant truth: "I will be OK no matter the outcome."

  • This powerful affirmation underpins your journey with resilience and surrendering your faith in God.

Beneath it all, affirm one constant truth: "I will be OK no matter the outcome."

Step Four: Commence Your "Opportunity"

Now, with newfound clarity, transformed emotions, and unwavering resolve, begin working on your "Opportunity."

Now that you have complete the first part, here is the next phase: Evaluating the Business Landscape

Step One: Reflect on Lessons Learned

Take time to reflect on the lessons learned from the previous partnership, embracing the

opportunity for growth and self-improvement. Utilize the Opportunity Challenge Method to

identify opportunities hidden within the challenges faced.

Step Two: Assessing the Current Business State

  • Evaluate your business's current state post-partnership, considering strengths, weaknesses, and areas for reinvention.

  • Apply the Opportunity Challenge Method to identify potential opportunities aligning with your new direction.

Step Three: Defining the New Direction

  • Utilize the Opportunity Challenge Method to seek innovative solutions and define a new direction for your business.

  • Explore market trends, customer needs, and your unique strengths to shape your new path.

Step Four: Crafting a Clear Vision and Strategy

  • Develop a clear vision for your business pivot, aligning it with the opportunities identified through the Opportunity Challenge Method.

  • Create a comprehensive strategy outlining your goals, objectives, and necessary steps to achieve them.

Step Five: Building a Supportive Network

  • Leverage the power of collaboration and support by building a network of mentors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Embrace the collaborative spirit of the Opportunity Challenge Method to seek guidance, feedback, and insights during the pivot process.

Implementing the Pivot

Step Six: Communicating with Stakeholders/Team

  • Effectively communicate your pivot to stakeholders, ensuring transparency and clarity about the reasons and benefits of the new direction.

  • Highlight how the Opportunity Challenge Method has guided your decision-making process.

Step Seven: Executing the Plan

  • Execute your pivot plan with adaptability and a growth mindset, constantly seeking opportunities within challenges.

  • Regularly assess progress, make adjustments as needed, and remain committed to the new path.


Pursuing a new path after a challenging business experience demands courage and

adaptability. By embracing the Opportunity Challenge Method alongside strategic thinking,

entrepreneurs can navigate these trials with resilience, turning setbacks into stepping stones for success. This approach extends beyond business, proving invaluable for personal matters. With faith in the Lord as our guide, we unlock the limitless potential within life's challenges.


About The Author:

Samonee K. Empowers creatives to build their crafts into legacy businesses that stand the test of time. Learn more and connect at


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