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The Case of Donald J. Trump, Destiny and The Silver Lining

By Andrena Sawyer

The idea of Donald Trump being an underdog is laughable. According to him, he’s worth billions of dollars. Even if he’s exaggerated his financial worth, anyone with eyes, ears, and a working mind can see that by any standard, he’s certainly worth a lot. He has managed to build an empire across industries with imprints locally and internationally—think hotels, television shows and pageants. He has a beautiful family that, regardless of what goes on behind closed doors, maintains a united front, impenetrable by anyone not carrying their last name. Hate him or love him, we have to be honest and admit that the man is worth a lot. Except in politics. In that space, underdog is too kind a description.

Prior to a year ago, many laughed at even the possibility of what transpired on November 8, 2016. Nothing on The Donald’s extensive resume would have led to us to believe that he could pull off such a big political upset. While the rest of the world rightfully mourned, here’s why I smiled: the Donald’s win was a reminder of the same grace and sovereignty that I’ve experienced more often than I can count. Stay with me. I’m not of the camp that believes that The Donald was sent by God Himself to save America, and I am not of the camp that believes that God will use The Donald to humble America. I’m merely an onlooker, admiring the glaring traces of sovereign fingerprints.

If I’m honest, the shock of The Donald being the 45th president of the United States hasn’t worn off. Like everyone else, I’ve had over 3 months to process it, but it still doesn’t make sense how an absolute novice can beat not one, but several political powerhouses. That, to me, is the fingerprint of God. I think about Romans 13: 1, “…there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God…” and Daniel 2:21 “…He removes kings and establishes kings…”

Whether you like The Donald or not, his path to the White House is nothing short of a miracle, and that should encourage you. It’s a reminder that regardless of your background, what is meant for you will be yours. There aren’t enough credentials, competitors, or enough preparation that can stand in the way of what is meant for you.

I believe God is a just God, and I also believe He’s incredibly merciful and proactive. As a believer who is an immigrant, woman and business owner, I know the next few years will require faith that God will protect, provide for and guide me and mine. However, I am confident that as surely as He is my God, He is also God of those who have different political, social and economic values. When He moves, He moves in the context of His sovereignty, and not according to what we deserve. He’s been doing it longer than you and I have had breath in our lungs, and He will continue to do it long after we don’t. He chooses whom He will. Simple. That means He chooses the Davids as well as the Sauls. Your qualifications, other people’s expectations, the vehicle that He uses to elevate you can’t stand up to the fact that He chooses and approves you. Faith means we don’t get to believe that only when it’s flowery and in our favor.

Stay encouraged, folks!


Andrena Sawyer is the President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, and the Founder of the Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network. In addition to her work with nonprofits and small businesses, she leads workshops on personal and professional development for women across the country. She is the author of The Long Way Home, Ponder It In Her Heart, and The Other Side of Assertiveness.

Follow her on twitter or Instagram @Andrena_Sawyer


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