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You Can Stand: Pressure, Progress, and Profits

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

By: Korrickia A. Petty

I am currently embarking upon a course on faith and ethics in business

culture as I journey through my doctoral studies in business administration. Along with the multifaceted number of challenges minority women encounter daily within corporate America, we cannot negate means and strategies we should adhere to for the implementation of biblical ethical standards in business. Our ethical standards are the beliefs we hold by which we view, define, and measure our metaphysical existence. As Christians, our ethical framework or worldview determines and guides our behaviors and decisions as entrepreneurs. Our leadership models and directives should reflect this worldview. My questions to you are, “How are you managing the ethical standards of others within your field of business and expertise?” “Are you daily faced with temptations to compromise or make uncomfortable adjustments due to your personal standards?” “How do we honor God and maintain integrity without appearing dogmatic and legalistic?” Difficult and challenging as it may be, we attempt to manage pressures to conform, progression towards compliance, and profits in order to compete. God has given us His Standards and Wisdom for how we are to effectively navigate and overcome when tough decisions must be made.

I love the example we can learn from the book of Daniel on how God had given him “all matters of wisdom and understanding” (Daniel 1:20, KJV). The decree had gone out to have the king’s “wise men”, Daniel and his companions slain unless the king’s dream was interpreted. After Daniel sought the God of heaven, he received the secret of the interpretation through a night vision (Daniel 2:17-20, KJV). This brought great honor, rewards, and gifts to Daniel. King Nebuchadnezzar not only fell on his face and worshipped God, but he made Daniel a ruling governor over the whole province (Daniel 2:46-48, KJV).

We must believe we can abide in the same bold faith as Daniel.

We must believe we can abide in the same bold faith as Daniel. As we seek and trust God to

provide the wisdom needed when faced with making decisions among those who hold different beliefs and standards in our workplace. The foundational truths we discover within the Word of God compel us to establish sound leadership policies and principles. Being grounded and solidified within our personal beliefs lessens the temptations of compromise and the going along-to-get-along mentality within cultural working environments.

Christian women entrepreneurs have been afforded the charge and mandate by God to forge innovative and sustainable pioneering efforts within business sectors. Are we ready? Are we diligently preparing and equipping ourselves and our communities to stand against the opposing forces of our ethical reality? The standard has already been raised and lifted with the creative ingenuity and insights God has allowed us to possess. How we steward and appropriate what God has given determines how we are rewarded and the impact upon the lives we have been called to lead into The Kingdom of God.



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