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Did You Take The Trash Out?

By: Herlene Ancar

Did you take the trash out? Did you take it out on trash day? The garbage truck comes through the neighborhoods on certain days at certain times. If you do not adhere to their schedule, your trash will linger outside your home waiting to be picked up, meaning that things will begin to stink and become an eyesore to those passing by. So, I ask you again friend, did you take the trash out at the right time? If not, you will have to move this eyesore, this stinking stuff immediately.

Usually, if we do not take out the trash correctly, we have to put it behind the house or, sometimes, back in the house, so no one knows we put it out at the wrong time. What have you put in the back or brought back in because it was the wrong time? Who did you cut off and had to go back and get, only to realize that the relationship was still trash? What job did you quit and then realize you can’t make it and must go back to a J.O.B?

What am I talking about? I am talking about the 20/20 vision. I am talking about God’s timing. I am talking about having a consultation with the Chief Consultant -Jesus. I am talking about understanding your season and timing.

Stop cutting off stuff (people) that you can simply decrease and release when God says so. Stop jumping off the boat and wait for God to calm the waters. Hold on until the Doctor releases you to move. Yes, restriction hurts. Yes, biting your tongue hurts but what

are you willing to sacrifice for God to get the glory? That’s love!


Herlene Ancar is an inspirational speaker, author, coach, community leader with over 20 years of experience inspiring people of all backgrounds to see and walk out their purpose. She served in the United States Navy for 11 years, and is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs at Southeastern College in Columbia SC. She resides in Columbia, SC with her two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Mariah. To learn more and connect with Herlene Ancar, click here.


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