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Divorcing your Work & Embracing Indescribable Peace

By Coach Debbie Motivates

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally personal and draining experiences in life. It can tear your mental state to shreds and have you emotionally bleeding from disappointment. It can cause physical numbness, fear, regret, and grief. Moreover, in contrast, if you are fleeing from a physically, mentally, or verbally abusive relationship, it may empower you to a safe state. Depending on what or who is left behind, it can possibly leave you feeling a sense of harmony and freedom. Divorce is truly different for every person, situation, and family.

It has so many layers- what if children are involved? What will they agree on? Who gets what? How do you shift financial obligations fairly? Where will they continue to disagree? Who is left hurting and in pain? Was this the best decision? Is there an opportunity for reconciliation? Will he or she change their mind and cancel their decision?

No matter what side each person is on, they both have personal power to just be whatever they choose to be. They have the freedom to overcome and move forward in newness of life. Their choice is the game changer.

Your choice will determine which direction you will go in next, how you may respond to the other person or people involved, and how you plan to lead and live your life victoriously.

Choice is the most powerful entity of free will that God has given each of us.

In the business or career realm of life, divorce can be just as daunting or delivering. At work, we are each faced with many demands, obligations, and responsibilities. We have been reared to work hard and take advantage of every opportunity. Yet, what happens when work consumes you and creates a new you? A ‘you’ that you don’t recognize. A ‘you’ that draws you away from your family and friends. A ‘you’ that has been boxed into a vision that God never intended.

When we lead by living based on what God has called us to do, we see that it is not different or unlike who we are at our core. In fact, it is us. At our core, it's our unique greatness from within.

When we do what God has called us to do- He will help us grow & flourish. The first step or choice begins with divorcing the notion that you can’t survive without that person or work. As women of faith, God is our source. Work is a resource and blessing to sustain the purpose and plan that He has for each of our lives. Wholeness begins with you. Your choice.

Remember, you don't need to get your talent, approval, worth, or purpose from fads or intangible things. When you know who you are in Christ, everything you do is just fruit unto Him. You work hard to please Him. You keep going fueled by His grace. You renew your mind for peace of mind in Him. And in the end, you don’t do it to get attention or be well thought of- you simply love God and what he's enabled you to do- so you do that. What an incredible honor and choice!

Your calling in Christ instead of what you can gain from your business or career leads to freedom. Your choice is a spiritual journey that will ripple ongoing life altering opportunities as varied as scattered grains of sand dispersed for God’s glory. Your faith and relationship with Christ will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. His peace will keep you and His grace will qualify you- even when we feel unqualified.

Being complete, personally and professionally in Christ, leads to freedom, joy, and above all, peace! Are you ready to change the trajectory your business or career? Who will you serve? You decide.


“Coach Debbie... Motivates!” is a concierge coaching and counseling experience. It was created in 2015 by Communications Specialist and Family Therapist, Debbie Origho, MS, MFT, DMFT(c).

Coach Debbie is dedicated to faith-based counseling, mental health advocacy, and transformative wellness resources for women and children. She meets women where they are in their life journey and empowers them transform that point to a purposeful place where they have joy, hope, and freedom in Christ!


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