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Getting UN-STUCK

By: Naturally Niaja

Hi friends!

Let’s just say that fear can be so paralyzing but guess what, it was actually designed that way.

Fear has a way of convincing you that whatever you are trying to accomplish will not

come into fruition and you should just give up. Well, let me tell you that I have allowed way too much time indulging in my fears and because of that, I allowed myself to get STUCK.

Stuck thinking about all the reasons something just won’t work out, stuck thinking what others might say or do, stuck thinking that the end is never in sight, and stuck allowing my flesh to win each and everyday. Can I tell you that when I/we continue to do that, the enemy wins?

I once heard someone say that all you have to do to win is simply outlast the enemy. For those that might be reading this and have no idea what I am talking about when I say “the enemy," please hang on and keep reading.

There are external forces at work 24/7 that absolutely don’t want God’s people to live out their purpose, their calling, and what they were destined to become. If you are a child of God, then this should not be foreign to you, and if you are not, I welcome you to continue to read. You might be enlightened to invite God into your heart.

As I am on my own personal journey to wellness (in all areas of life), I have found so much

release of those strongholds by simply doing what I fear the most. I mean, just standing and

not allowing any negative thoughts to take captive of my heart and mind. I am learning that the power that lies on the inside of me is allowing me to get un-stuck. I may not be completely “free” just yet, but I can see the mental, physical and emotional chains breaking. I didn’t do something out of the ordinary per se, but I simply made a decision to not go back to my old ways especially those that have been unhealthy. Far too much time has passed, where I felt like I was going around the same mountain day after day and then when I don’t see the progress I am looking for, I would just give in and ultimately give up. That, friends, is never ok.

When you are called out of the darkness into His marvelous light, you can’t sit there and give up. In many ways, that is not honoring your God-given calling, and your purpose and life is at stake. It is that serious for me and probably for you too. Remember that if you have been purposed to break barriers, tear down walls and topple over mountains of debris and rubble, then chances are, you must remain faithful, you must not give up and you must learn what it takes to get un-stuck. To get unstuck, you have to admit that you are stuck. You have to recognize that you have invested time into being stuck and frankly you might like being stuck. I had those hard truths recently with myself. Your success is in your daily habits and routines. If you are not taking active steps to get unstuck then stop there and

examine, why. Take those daily steps to resist the devil, take those daily steps of renewing your mind, take those daily steps of pushing pass your comfort level, take those daily steps to take captive those thoughts that are designed to derail you.

Trust me when I say that the process of getting un-stuck will reveal so much about yourself,

you will see just how much you actually can accomplish, how strong you really are, and how the power of God has been there the entire time. Tell fear to leave, tell fear you have no place here, tell fear this is not your home, tell fear you better fear me because I am a child of the most high God. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

These are not just popular sayings, or scriptures you hear recited; this is your fighting stance

friends. Join me on this fight to reclaim your peace, your family, your health, and all that is rightfully yours. Please seek out the necessary help to assist you in getting un-stuck.

I hope these words will propel you into living your absolute best life!

Until we meet again. I leave you in love, power and strength.




NaturallyNiaja is a proud "FortySomething" Wife, Mom of 3, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about faith, family and fitness. She enjoys sharing her personal journey towards living a life of passion and purpose. She blogs about personal development, fitness, faith and all things in between. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and building generational wealth.

Learn more and connect with her on Instagram or YouTube.


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