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How To Build A Quality Wardrobe On A Budget

By Alexis Wiersema

I could see it in her eye.

She'd spotted a deal.

Standing excitedly amidst racing shopping carts and the bustling sounds of cash

registers, my mama gazed at her new dress - a used treasure, yet one that she'd weave

into her unique story.

I watched her thrilled expression from my preferred spot to play: hidden between the

heavy men's coats at Goodwill. It'd become a comfortable spot for me during our

Saturday thrift store outings.

I didn't know it then, but my mama was laying a solid foundation for me of beauty found

in frugality. On that day and in years to come, she'd show me that a quality wardrobe

does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, it can be acquired through

patience, commitment, and planning. Today, I share some of the lessons I learned

with you.

Block off time to search for deals

A great way to start building a quality wardrobe is by making it a priority. My mama

worked hard to stretch our family's income by creating a discipline around sourcing

clothes. For her, prioritizing a quality wardrobe meant that on a few Saturdays a month,

she'd visit several local thrift stores and shops in search of deals. By prioritizing thrift,

she honed her craft and built a unique wardrobe that often garnered compliments and

commanded respect.

Commit to paying a lower price

Another tip for building a budget-friendly, quality wardrobe is to commit mentally to

paying a lower price for clothes. Often, the first step to reaching a goal is changing our

mindset. When building a quality wardrobe on a budget, be sure that you genuinely

believe it's possible. Your unwavering belief will help you to stay the course should you

not find the perfect dress or pair of trousers on your first few visits. Truthfully, finding

quality pieces takes time. For example, a 3-hour search may only yield one usable

piece. Still, that piece could be worth the wait! Trust the process.

Shop around at different stores

As a business owner, you're probably familiar with shopping around for the best deals

on software, raw goods, or services. You can use these same principles to build a

budget-friendly yet quality wardrobe. No one thrift store, outlet, online store, boutique, or

consignment shop will fulfill every need you have. Therefore, try to identify several spots

in your community that could provide you with the types of clothes and prices you're

looking for. For example, Target may provide great jewelry options, while your local

Goodwill provides the perfect casual dress!

Plan ahead

As you build your wardrobe, it's helpful to know what you have already and what you

need. Take a look around your closet today. Do you already have enough dresses? Jot

down your observations on your phone, then tailor your search to skirts or pants. Taking

inventory of your current wardrobe can help you to avoid duplicates or unnecessary


Another way to stay on budget is to minimize unplanned spending that often comes with

a day out. Packing lunch for you (or your children), charging your phone, clipping

coupons (if possible), and bringing cash (to avoid last-minute ATM fees) are a few great

ways to lessen costs.

Look for ways to maximize savings

Did you know that many thrift stores offer additional discounts on certain days of the

week? Usually, the discounts are applied to garments with a specific tag color and can

range from 30-70% off. If you have free time during a lunch break or want something

fun to do with a girlfriend, try dropping into your local thrift store.

Another way to save extra money is by using points or rewards at your favorite stores.

For example, the Target Circle Rewards program offers in-app earnings on purchases.

These earnings are similar to digital coupons stored in the Target app that apply to new

purchases (such as clothes).

I hope these tips have been helpful to you! God bless, and happy shopping!


About The Author:

Alexis Wiersema is the owner of Maggie Eliza Prints. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and son. Connect with her on Instagram.


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