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How to Maximize Opportunities to Fulfill Purpose

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By: Awunli Eghosasere

In this age, there are three things I have observed that are limiting women from pursuing their purposes fully.

The first one is stress. We are living in a fast-paced world! Everything is done in a hurry and in a way that looks like we are being chased. It is most especially hard for a female entrepreneur who is trying to juggle everything; she barely gets the chance to rest after one day's work before another begins. And then, the cycle of rush, hustle, and bustle continues.

These days, many households are finding it hard to get by, and only when the basics of life have been met do people take the time to live for a purpose.

The second is social media. Many of us are addicted to our phones (I am so guilty of this as well). We stay glued to our electronics as if our lives depend on them. We scroll through our social media feeds and timelines and before you know it, three to four hours have been spent doing nothing! This is such a huge distraction; a big time- thief! Although our phones are a modern and effective tool of advancement, if women don't exercise discipline, it may do more harm than good. You are the only one who has the power to control your distractions.

The third is an absence of support systems. I remember growing up, my mom and other women in our community had domestic help. Sometimes relatives also came to live with them to assist with domestic chores. The little spare time they get from this help gives them the chance to pursue other interests besides work.

However, things have changed. These days, there have been a lot of cases of sexual abuse, poisoning, infidelity, and all sorts of evil perpetrated by domestic help and even relatives. Many women are desisting from employing domestic help for fear of the aforementioned reasons. So, women continue to wear all the hats they have to wear to keep the home front going.

After all these reasons and many more, the matter of purpose is usually pushed to the back burner.

So, how can we take a chance at fulfilling our purpose despite the huge distractions?

My suggestion is to apply yourself wherever you are. Look at the things that are placing a demand on what you carry--your talents, skills, experiences, exposure, etc. Utilize what you carry inside. It is only when you do that you are charting the path to your destiny. I have learned that if Joseph had not exercised his gifts and skills throughout his journey, he would not have gotten to the path that launched him into becoming a Prime Minister in Egypt. For example, when the butler and baker were depressed, he approached them in an attempt to solve their problems. The help he rendered opened doors to his freedom and enthronement.

I read a quote many years ago that has stuck with me. It goes like this: "some people are waiting for a whisper from heaven to show them what to do when the voice in their environment is shouting aloud." You see, for most of us, what comes naturally is usually an indication of what we were created to do.

The passion in you is the only permission need to step into your purpose.


Awunli Eghosasere is a Writing Consultant helping entrepreneurs, executives and young professionals birth their ideas and thoughts into books. She is also the founder of, a digital resource platform committed to elevating womanhood and helping young women unlock their potentials. She can be reached via email:


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