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How to Speak the Word Over Your Business

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Since you’re reading this post, you have a desire to build a business that is God-ordained. You have the desire to build a business that gives God the glory and furthers His kingdom while experiencing Christ’s abundance on earth. You have the desire to build a thriving business.

But, let’s be honest, during this entrepreneurship journey, we experience some valleys that test our faith to levels we’ve not experienced before. Sometimes, the urge to throw in the towel and quit feels stronger than our faith. And it’s at these times, that you must learn how to speak the Word over your business.

What Does Speaking the Word Over Your Business Do?

Praying and fasting over your business should not be a new concept for a Believer in business. For many of us, our businesses are answered prayers--whether answers to our prayers or someone else’s. From the moment God laid the desire for your business in your heart, you should be thanking Him and making room for Him in your business. Our businesses are essentially a partnership between us and God. We are walking out the fulfillment of His purposes for us in what He’s bestowed on us. Which is all the more reason we should be praying and reading scriptures over our businesses to invite His Presence at all times.

In the course of running a business, there is no shortage of emergencies that we will face, and will need His provision for. When you develop a partnership with God in your business, He’ll provide the wisdom, stewardship, resources, financial support, and community needed to steward the blessing. Believers, let’s remember that what you create alone, you must sustain alone! What God creates in partnership with you, He will sustain Himself.

What you create alone, you must sustain alone. What God creates in partnership with you, He will sustain Himself.

How to Speak the Word Over Your Business

As I mentioned above, praying and fasting should not be a new thing, or an inconsistent practice, in a believer’s life; neither should scripture reading. In His Word, God has given us tools to steward the calls that He has placed on us. It is up to us to use these tools to conquer our fears. It is up to us to keep chasing after what He has for us.

Here are a few ways to speak the Word over your businesses:

  1. Talk to yourself and recite scriptures when you’re feeling discouraged or going through a rough season in your business.

  2. Write down scriptures and post them around your home and/or office.

  3. Know what information to keep to yourself. Some information is for you. Some for your staff/team.

  4. Bring every problem to God before anyone else. Ask Him for divine problem-solving skills, wisdom, and solutions. Remember that He knows all things.

  5. When you come up against a closed door, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Was this door closed to you because it’s not meant for you? Maybe it’s not time for you to walk through that door? Seek Him first above all else.

  6. Pray and recite scriptures over every problem, new hire, financial decision, new direction, new product, and new tasks.

  7. Seek guidance for yourself as you are the head of your business and the pipeline from Him to the rest of the business.

  8. Don’t just pray, fast, and/or read scriptures in the bad times. Praise Him at all times. Praise Him and thank Him when your prayers have been answered, when you’re flourishing, and when business is booming.

In Closing

Which of these steps most resonated with you? Reflect on this post. Save this post to reference again. Consider how you may take the first step to begin to speak the Word over your business. And, don't forget to track the changes that you experience so that you can witness the transformations that God will take both you and your business through. Let's build kingdom businesses together!


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