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Lessons from the Playground: Sliding Into Greatness

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

By: Jotwyla R. Moore

The sliding board is a favorite at the playground.  It is a mainstay in parks, schools, pools, and backyards.  Slides can be straight, wavy, or enclosed in a tube; however, the basic concept is a ladder that is connected to an inclined plane.  

The slide provides lessons that can enhance our lives and when applied will propel us to a future filled with great things.

When approaching the slide, the first thing you encounter is a set of stairs which means the first action to partake of is a climb. The same is true with life.  The climb comes first.  From the very start, our journey in life starts with a series of upward movements.  We learn to crawl, stand, walk and move on to running.  We start our education process by ascending from kindergarten through grade 12 and into advanced studies and degrees.  Isaiah 28:10 advises “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

The stairs can appear daunting and arduous, but they are necessary to get to the next portion; and thus, can not be eliminated. 

Our desire is to get to the good part, where we feel exhilaration and enjoy great amusement.  These things will come, but we must put in the work to get to the fun. In fact, pleasure is amplified in contrast to the labor and effort taken to get to it. 

We must climb with care and an understanding that each step is important in obtaining the goal. We must be aware of the distance between the steps and be sure not to overstep and skip over a part of the process. Equally important we should be careful not to under step.  One misstep or lapse in judgement could send us tumbling to the bottom with injury, possible breaks and at the very least, the task of starting over. 

We should climb with enthusiasm.  Fuel your passion to do the work of the climb by focusing on the end goal.  You will need gusto, motivation, and impetus to remain focused on the good part.  The climb is steep, but you are strong! Keep your attention on the joy that is coming. 

Be aware of those who attempt to break the rules and thwart the process by starting on the slide and climbing up the slippery incline.  Do not be discouraged as it seems that they have just started and are already on the slide.  Be fully assured that starting on the slide takes extreme work as the slide is not designed for stepping.  If you pay close attention you will notice this approach takes extreme effort, is not often successful and prone to collisions as there is usually someone coming down the slide at the time one is attempting to go up the wrong way. 

Plan your climbing approach, prepare for the ascent, and produce the inspiration needed to get to the top.  From the top you can see both perspectives, the hard work and dedication generated to get there and the reward on the other side.  Once you experience the sheer delight of sliding down to the bottom it becomes an accelerant for the next climb fueling you on to continued greatness!


About Jotwyla:

Jotwyla is a Certified Life Coach, wife, minister, mother, sister and friend! She uses her life experiences and those she has observed and many lessons learned to provide easy strategies to aid others in doing and being better. To learn more about Jotwyla visit her website.


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