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Pop The Question! Boost Your Engagement

By Brandy Kennedy

You have your business, a website, social media accounts...a blog maybe? All of these avenues are vehicles for promotion and marketing that gets your product to the people. I meet young business owners that have awesome passion and great ideas but they are lacking insight on the bigger picture. If you have the best product or idea, what good is it if it is not being shared or bought? You, as the business owner, have to tend to the meat and potatoes of your business which can includes planning events, creating the content, managing inventory and managing employees. All of that work takes time and effort and it all goes unrecognized and yields no valuable return if no one knows about it or not enough people know about it. If you have social media accounts and there is no obvious increase in your following or more importantly, your sales, it's time to switch gears and come up with another way to engage and increase your following. In the technological times we are in, followers, likes, tweets and overall engagement equals dollars.

Engagement refers to the interaction between you as a brand and your brand's customers. Engagement is important because if you are constantly interacting with your customers, you are learning what they want, what they like, what they don't like, and everything in between. This makes securing the sales even easier.

Some quick tips on boosting your engagement:

  • Don't just post on social media without commenting, replying, or liking your followers posts.

  • If you have a blog, be sure to add a widget or some type of mechanism to integrate social media and comments in order to create a conversation around your products and your brand as a whole.

  • Create a community for your brand that is centered on your products or a service you provider

  • Request honest feedback and testimonials. Let your customers know that how they feel matters


Brandy Kennedy is the Founder of Chyc Studio Digital Marketing. Learn more about her and Chyc Studio Digital Marketing here.

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