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Superwoman Syndrome, No More

By Dominique Clayton

I. AM. A. SUPERWOMAN. Dressed in the finest designers, or the latest finds from thrifting. Carrying herself with the utmost dignity and highly respectable to everyone around her. At least that is what her outside shows. Inside, her mind and soul tell a different story. Deep down she feel hopeless and emotionless, because she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Peeling back layers of hurt, misuse, dishonesty, loneliness, and guilt are just a few of the masks that she takes off at night.

As a superwoman, your super powers allow you to do the unthinkable without hesitation. Checking on your family member whose health has deteriorated and encouraging your best friend to take a promotion. Attending women's empowerment conferences and volunteering your time with church groups. The drive to become the perfect woman by any means necessary is your ultimate goal. Is it truly worth the wear and tear on your mind, body, and soul? Has anyone checked in on you and your well-being? I mean really checked in on you.

Sis, how are you doing today? Sis, I noticed you have been extremely busy, but what have you done for yourself? The Superwoman Syndrome relates to women trying to live perfect by juggling multiple roles and social activities. You may feel overworked, overwhelmed and stressed from the balancing act. You become entangled in your thoughts and achievements to the point of insecurity. Ask yourself what is next. What happens when you hit a mental breakdown? Here is an opportunity to take a moment of silence.

A moment of silence is good for your mental health and a chance to hear from God. God wants to use vessels that can pour into others in a healthy manner. I am sure you have heard the old saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” That's the truth. Experience life in the moment. Take a break from the world. Unplug from social media, gossip sites, and certain television shows. Sit in silence and pray, meditate, or write. Release all your problems to God. It is ok not to take on that new project at work or decline an invitation to a party if you are not in a celebratory mood. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your well-being. Breathe, sis. Take inventory of your life. Prepare for your next assignment. You will no longer be enslaved to the superwoman syndrome.


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