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What Kind Of Content Should I Publish In These Moments Of Crisis?

By: Brendaliz Roldán

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some places are experiencing “lock-downs” across the world, keeping people inside their homes. Many communicators have been using virtual tools to do webinars and online classes, causing “excess of information (and disinformation”).

Some of them will tell you that it is a good time to make paid ads, recruit salespeople, etc, because people are spending more time online.

Be careful with these suggestions. People spend more time on social media, not precisely to buy excessively. Not everybody is having a good time at home. We have to be very delicate and emphatic with the content we are sharing.

What type of content should I publish in these times of crisis?

Depending on your audience you can choose between:

  • Educational content.

  • Entertainment or distraction content.

  • Emotional or spiritual support content.

  • Interactive content (ex. exercises, recipes, DYI, etc.)

  • Inspirational / motivational content.


  • Do not do direct selling (is not that you cannot sell but don't just post sales unless you offer an essential product or service).

  • Do not spam people by sending them friend requests to sell “in cold” on their inbox.

I fully understand the need to generate income, but unless you offer an essential product or service, your paid ad will go unnoticed. Remember that, like us, there are many, many people without income who are not going to spend their savings on non-essential products.

Instead, use this opportunity to do some introspection about your business:

  • Is my service or product an essential one? If not, can I offer one? Can I tie my product/service to the current reality?

  • Does my service or product satisfy any current need? If not, do I have the capacity to create products or services aimed at current needs?

  • How can I digitize my business?

Use this time to:

  • Work on your content and marketing strategies. Ex. videos to post later (bulk content)

  • Start creating audios for your podcast.

  • Update or design your website.

  • Update or start your blog.

  • Study or analyze the statistical data of your fanpage (facebook insights) or website (google analytics).

  • CONNECT with your audience.

Be aware that the market is going to change and the way your ideal customer makes purchasing decisions is going to change. Try to anticipate these changes and be prepared to modify and adjust your business offerings.


About Brendaliz:

Brendaliz Roldán is a Certified Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Specialist with a Master Degree in Marketing. She founded a professional marketing agency created to support freelancers and entrepreneurs. As a cum laude University of Phoenix graduate and native of Puerto Rico, this business-savvy wordsmith is avid about assisting clients in having better business opportunities and better exposure through creative and affordable digital marketing strategies. To learn more, visit her website and connect with her on Facebook.


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