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Why Your Business Website Must Be Mobile Device Optimized

By Jocellyn Combs

Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram, enjoying just leisurely scrolling on your phone, then came across an intriguing page? One that maybe entertained you, spoke to your interests, or maybe even just spoke to your soul? You know… one of those “GIRL… WHYYYYY DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE?!?” type of pages? Then you become as equally giddy because this page also has a website. You say to yourself, “There must be more juicy information on their website…maybe even some coupons…definitely more information about what they do or who they are…. I hope they have a mailing list!”

You proceed to navigate to it, then BOOM. The website is the exact opposite of what you just experienced on their social media. The colors are off, the font is hard to read, the text is jumbled, and there’s no rhyme or reason to how the content or pages are organized – how disappointing! So, you quickly jump back to your social media account and proceed with your leisure scroll, leaving that page behind.

What if this page is your business, however? What if you’ve lost the interest of customers because your website’s accessibility and compatibility is lacking? This can be hard to bounce back from. However, it is 100% preventable by having a website that is optimized for mobile viewing.

The current industry average for website traffic that is generated worldwide by mobile users is just over 52%. Remember, this is a worldwide average. Most consumer markets will see a higher average for mobile device users. For my website for January 2019 so far, 81% of my visitors are generated from a mobile device! This means I must be especially aware of my mobile optimization and features of my site.

Here are several characteristics of a good, mobile-friendly website that you should be guaranteeing your business website display:

• Readable fonts and colors (stop putting bright colors over white space or dark colors over black spaces in heavily scripted fonts!)

• Fast page loading time

• Quick access to calls to action (email, chat, contact, etc.)

• User friendly accessibility to site pages

• Well-organized content

• Social media integration

I know that it takes extra time to make sure both your desktop view AND mobile view are optimized and user-friendly, but the investment is worth it! Especially if you want to convert those leisure scrollers to loyal, paying customers. After all, isn’t that the goal? The customer experience is paramount to the success of your brand, so pay attention to even the smallest improvements to your mobile site that can have a great impact on your conversions.


About Jocellyn:

Jocellyn Combs has been a professional Business Coach and Brand Consultant since 2012. She has earned her MBA in 2011 and have been on a mission to empower others to better their brands ever since. Her professional experience has included leading operations for a multi-million-dollar beauty company; managing the operations of a mega-sports facility; and coordinating the marketing and business development efforts of a law firm. She has also assisted CEOs (Chief Entreprenista Officers) launch or grow a lash business; credit repair service; hair extension retail store; floral business; and a lifestyle blog, just to name a few. In addition, Jocellyn serves as the contracted Marketing Director for Q. Renee Hair Therapy Salon located in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more, visit and connect with Jocellyn on her website.


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