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Am I My Sister's Keeper?

By: Martina Sagmayao

When I lost my business many years ago, I gave up the idea of ever becoming a business owner again. Because I became so comfortable with my housekeeping job and with the assistance from the council that I said to myself, this is where I’m going to retire. Why bother learning something new? I’m too old for that now. But I realized that God won’t leave us unshaken until we see His vision for us. He will send storms to wake us up and to clear the way in order for us to see His vision for our lives.

As a single mum, I thought I have so many responsibilities with my children, I have worked so hard already, and I believe I have helped enough that once they are grown-ups, I can just relax and think of myself. I didn’t realize that selfishness was creeping into my heart.

In 1 John 3:16 says: “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters”. (NIV)

As Christians, we are expected to take care of each other. It doesn’t mean though, that we have to die as Jesus did. But there are many ways we can manifest that love to others, especially those who have no opportunities or possibilities as we have.

When we are setting our goals, it may be right to ask ourselves the question; “What can I do to make this world a better place to live in? We are pampered with all the tools at the tip of our fingers which we are just taking them for granted; it is our responsibility to use them for His glory. To bring down heaven here on earth as we wait for Him to establish that which He has promised, a Kingdom with no more pains, no more hunger, no more death, no more poverty.

How sad, that many of us are becoming spiritually obese by merely studying the word of God day in and day out and not exercising it. Many are like walking Bibles; they could recite practically the Word of God. Jesus practiced every bit that He taught. When I was learning to drive, I focused on studying so well the theory that I passed the test at the very 1st exam. Nevertheless, I wasn’t given my license until I passed the practical test which I did in 5 attempts.

Likewise, in our relationship with God, studying the Word of God does not make us Christian, but practicing does.

We shouldn’t be responding like Cain did, “Am I my sister’s keeper”? The fact that God asked him of his brother’s whereabouts, He expected him to take care of his brother, regardless, whether he was the one who hurt Abel or not.

God has provided us the tools and resources not to make us comfortable in our sofas, but to use them in reaching for others. Except for man, He created everything from nothing. And because you are created in His image, you too can create from nothing if not, He will provide, as He provided Abraham that lamb that He asked him to sacrifice. He won’t ask us for anything which He won’t provide the resources. Just be willing to obey! If you have all your needs covered, then work more to provide for the millions of God’s children who are praying for your help. Start a business on the side that you can do at home to help others. I think it’s the most effective way of becoming a disciple-maker, which is our great commission. Sometimes action speaks louder than words.



About Martina:

Martina Sagmayao is a Seventh Day Adventist by faith. She is originally from the Philippines, but currently living in London, UK. A single mother of 3, of which 2 are out of the nest, Martina is a housekeeper by profession but leapt in faith to become a digital entrepreneur. She hopes to one day become a life coach. Learn more and connect with her at 


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