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Be Set Free

By: Katrina Hunter

When I started my website, I had no idea what I was doing or how I wanted it to

look. I just knew that there was a reason I was supposed to start it and I was faithful in

doing so. I wanted the message to resonate with others. My blog, “Call Me…Set Free!”

was created out of a desire to let others know that if they had a past, they also had a

future; and their past did not define them. I had to get to a place where I believed that

my past was not going to destroy my future. Moving forward, I would address myself

how I saw myself from God’s perspective. I wanted people to know, particularly women,

that whatever they had done or experienced that brought on shame, insecurity, or

regret, was not strong enough to destroy them, nor their gifts or the love that God had

for them. I wanted to call myself set free, blessed, healed, and delivered. I wanted that

for others as well.

Everything from the name of the blog to the logo itself all represented something

very special to me – freedom! The three dots in the logo for my blog that are located in

between the “Call Me” and “Set Free” have special meaning because, for every one of us, I believe there is an “in-between” that has led us to the freedom we are

currently experiencing. We all have dots. There was something from five years ago that

led us to today. The “in-between” can hurt, make us cry, and leave us with more

questions than answers, but freedom awaits us on the other side if we hold fast. We

don’t get there, wherever that may be for us, overnight. It is a process and it is a

journey. We are not perfect. We are being perfected. The dots “in-between” may cause

pain and are not always pretty, but eventually, we get to the place where we are called

“set free, blessed, delivered, healed,” and anything else you can think of!

I have had many days filled with pain, grief, and tears. I’ve pulled off to the side

of the road to cry and scream. I remember the feelings of loneliness while being in a

room full of people. I have been betrayed and have done some of the betraying; I have

paid the price for it, too. I’ve forgiven even when the apology never came. Sadly, I’ve

given more than I should have given, too soon, to those that I realized didn’t feel the

same way about me as I did them. It left me devastated but yet, here I am and here you


Everyone has a past and you are no different. I believe God can take what is

hidden beneath the surface of your heart, clean it up, and use it for his glory. If you

allow God to mold you, you will be pleasantly surprised at how purposed-filled your life

can be. Many treasures that you didn’t know existed can be birthed out of some of the

greatest pain you’ve ever experienced. My prayer is that you be set free to find those

treasures and when you do, may you always see yourself free to use them to help

someone else find the treasure on the inside of them!


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