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By: Janice B. Rock

As women of God, we experience many distractions. The enemy creates strategic tactics to convince us we are not who God called us to be. The most important assignment of the enemy is to attack our identity and our emotional wellbeing. We are easily distracted; by those, we love the most. When they hurt, we hurt and when they are in distress, we take on the burden of their distress. Life’s situations that could cause us to lose sight of our purpose consist of financial issues, unrealistic expectations, a challenging marriage, or a dysfunctional relationship. In the workplace, it could be an angry supervisor or a jealous co-worker.

As women, we try to be everything to everyone. We believe we can fix anything that is broken. Some of us don’t know how to say, “No” gracefully, without feeling guilty and we believe these things define our Christianity. We have overextended ourselves in situations that are not relevant to our Purpose and Destiny; it’s just busywork. Consequently, we become frustrated, mentally drained, and fatigued. Daily, we lose track of time and forget to pray or study the Word of God. We love the Lord and feel guilty, we don’t give him more time, but year after year, our routines remain the same.

To add more anxiety to our lives, this giant called COVID-19 has entered our land. It has affected the world. The media is inundating us with fear that has been mascaraed as facts. While we are required to stay home, this is a great time to re-organize our lives and wage war against the enemy of God’s people. During this time of uncertainty, God is calling us back to an intimate place in Him. This is the time to remove all distractions and prioritize the things of God. It’s time to shut the mouth of the enemy, (Daniel 6:22). I believe forgiveness is vital in this season. As women of God, we have to take the initiative to begin the healing process. It’s time to call families together, forgive one another, and confront the conversations everyone has been avoiding. It’s time to reassess relationships. There are some people; you need to love from a distance. Certain relationships have become toxic and unhealthy. They are literally, draining you of your time, resources, and joy. On the other hand, some of you need deliverance from people. Some people are too opinionated about what you do in life. Learn to live each day on purpose. Your obedience to God should outweigh the opinion of others. Let us begin to include in our daily schedule, personal time with Abba Father, (Romans 8:15). When we create our monthly calendars, our day should include a time to fellowship with God. Fellowship can be prayer, worship, or enjoying the weighty presence of HIS Glory, (2 Corinthians 4:17). Today, one of the most crippling factors women face is fear. Fear of the unknown has hindered women from walking through doors of opportunities. There are corporate settings that discourage women from leadership roles or embarking on something, they always dreamed of accomplishing; but God! He is more than able to deliver us, (2 Samuel 22:2-3). Women of God it is never too late to begin again, remove distractions, regain your focus, and conquer all. We often say, “We’re waiting on God,” but in actuality, God is waiting on us!


About Janice:

Janice Rock is a teacher and the owner of Bridge Consulting Firm. Ms. Rock is a graduate of Webster University, where she received her Master's Degree in Education and Innovation. She is a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher through YES Carolina Youth Entrepreneurship Program. As a consultant, Ms. Rock provides services and is an advocate for the disabled, veterans and their families. One of her major goals is to finalize a business project, Bridge Literacy and Fine Arts Center, a non-profit 501(c)(3)- afterschool program that will promote literacy for disadvantaged learners through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Ms. Rock is a blogger and writes inspirational articles on a variety of topics. One of Ms. Rock's favorite scriptures is: "She is clothed in Strength and Dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

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