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Hope For The Postpartum Journey

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

By Tiffany Malati Mavis

To the mama who has walked through or is walking through a pre or postpartum journey of sadness or anxiety of any kind, I want to give you hope. I want you to know you can fight for yourself, and I want you to know even more so that God is your warrior.

A year ago, we were given the most devastating news a parent could be given—the news that our daughter may not live. In a few short days, we would have been celebrating her 8 months of life! God did a miracle in her in two weeks, but even after the miracle, I walked through a lot of emotions—most of which were not good ones. I walked through a pregnancy and postpartum journey I did not plan, but God held me.

Emotional and mental healing can take time. As I looked through the pictures on my phone, I was reminded of our frivolous and fleeting some things could be. As I looked at one specific picture, I realized that a year ago I would have deleted it from my phone because I had sand on my face and my girls were not looking. But after this year and walking through the storms of two unexpected job losses with my husband after Hannah was born, I could care less. We are thankful. Our daughters are happy and healthy, and I fought through the saddest time of my life during my pregnancy and after having our sweet baby girl.

If I can give hope to my sisters, it would be this: let God be your warrior. Let Him hold you. Let Him know how you feel. He knows your heart. Your storm may be different than mine, but what you are walking through matters so much to God. Let Him be your warrior, and help you stand and overcome whatever storm is raging in your life.

Let God be your warrior. Let Him hold you. Let Him know how you feel.

Healing takes time, and God will take all the time in the world to hold you and me until we can stand on our own. It is ok to feel it all, and do not be ashamed of what you are going through.

I am thankful for my two beautiful daughters, and I am thankful my anxiety and sadness are gone. I am thankful my husband is living in his dream job because of who God is, and how he was holding us and keeping us safe during the storms that raged around us. My daughters can put sand on my face any time or not look at the camera because I am thankful to hold them, to be alive, and to live in the love of Jesus every single day again.


About Tiffany:

Tiffany is known for writing one of her many devotionals titled "Beautifully Loved" that is about uplifting and encouraging all women to know we are all chosen, loved, and made beautiful by God. She is also a fitness lover encourager. She has a beautiful family that includes her husband and a beautiful daughter. Tiffany is a lover of life, laughter, people, and smiles. Connect with her on Instagram.


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