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Overcoming Patterns and Triggers: A Guide to Starting the Year Strong!

By: EmmaSara McMillion

The enemy is trying, but will you let him? Recently, while seeking the Lord, I felt alerted to the plans of the enemy - the plan to trip you up before you even get started. Some of y'all will feel the pull more than others. But none of us are beyond the temptation!

So, this is what to watch for: patterns and triggers.

  • Patterns happen in cycles. Patterns are generational.

  • Triggers are temptations. Triggers are bait.

  • Patterns and triggers combined are an assignment for disaster!

We must break ungodly patterns and identify triggers, aka temptations, that make us mad, sad, or defeated!

If you have a deep wound, this is the spot the enemy wants to resurface. If you deal with rejection, you will see the cup half full instead of half empty. This means you must choose to assume the best, give people the benefit of the doubt, and figure it's not you they are avoiding. This means you must also choose to think the best. I can't tell you how much grief that has saved me. Sure, the enemy has tempted me to think the worst, but I have held on to thinking the best and just being patient. And, what do you know... "said person" messages, "Hey, sorry it took so long to get back, but _____" fill in the blank with a valid reason.

If you find yourself using words like "always" and "never," like you never do xyz, you always do xyz, you will never change, etc. That is all a snare! Beware!

If you want to start your new year off right, choose joy. Choose to think the best about people, forgive and release, have grace for yourself, and believe the best about yourself and others. That's how you start this year off strong!

The enemy's got his game plan, but we're not falling for it this year. Let's make some bold choices, keep the faith strong, and kick off this new year like the warriors we are. You've got this, and you are not doing it alone!

__________________________________________________________________________________ About The Author:

EmmaSara McMillion is the founder of Mother Of Change TV Show, and a personal development coach. Connect with her @motherofchangetv or Emmasaramcmillion.


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