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Quiet Trust

By: Pastor Natalie Young

I believe we each need to be inspired to believe and keep on believing God. There is a confidence and quiet trust we can experience as we walk "by faith and NOT by sight." God tells us in Isaiah 30:15, “In returning [to Me] and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and confident trust is your strength.” Returning to God is where we gain rest, strength and confident trust.

There is a place of rest and trust that comes as we walk with God by faith on a daily basis. We must make sure we make time every day to spend with God. For without it, we may not experience all that God has for each of us.

Having a quiet trust prompts you to be realistic before God and helps you to make the choice not to complain about it. This is so difficult when you are facing very trying times. It is understandable to be tempted to worry and fret. But this is why returning to God first

is vital.

Let’s be totally honest, tell me how much changes with every complaint? How do you

feel afterwards? Again, I know expressing ourselves may be necessary but we must get

to the place where we see when it is turning into complaining and murmuring and taking

things completely out of God’s hands and into our own.

Whether you are facing a major decision, a crisis situation or anything else right now

you can make the choice to return to the Lord and find rest in Him. This is more than

words, this is an act or our heart. God does not want any of us to remain in fear, dread,

doubt, hopelessness or constant worry.

Quiet trust will mean for us to repent and surrender. Repentance because perhaps

there have been choices that were made without prayer or counsel. Perhaps these

independent choices lead you astray from your faith and now you see your need to

return to the Lord. Surrender is a part of this because we now choose to lay everything

at the Lord’s feet and trust His will to be done.

You must also understand that where you are today should not be compared to anyone

else. Comparing will take away your peace and joy. It can lead to a lack of contentment,

insecurities, falsehood, disappointments and perhaps overindulging. If you are always

on social media comparing yourself, you can quickly fall into these things and other real

mental battles. God wants us to be content even now, while we continue to strive to

move forward by faith.

You may not like where you are but you do not have to stay there. With so much that we

each have had to walk in over this past year, it’s important not to throw away our

confidence. I ask you now, hope in God. He will sustain you and bring you out.

Let’s make the decision even now, to guard our hearts and minds. Isaiah 26:3 tells us,

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on

you!” Although, our minds are constantly being bombarded by so much, let’s decide to

keep them on God and all His promises. This requires us to live and remain in faith and

not by what we see as I mentioned earlier. I believe God has us here for such a time as

this and He is wanting us to be renewed in our faith and to walk in confidence with Him.

I pray that you find quiet trust today.


About Pastor Natalie Young:

Pastor Natalie has been in ministry for over 20 years with the love of her life, her husband, Pastor Chris. In 2010, God lead Pastor Natalie and her husband to start their own ministry, Resplendency. Pastor Natalie loves getting to encourage people to walk in their God given destiny. In addition, she started her blog, about three years ago to continue to write about Biblical encouragement and how to walk out your Christian faith in everyday life. Pastor Natalie in not just a Pastor of Resplendency but also she has a podcast (Resplendency Life) and an online web show via YouTube (Be Resplendent). 

Connect with Pastor Natalie on the following platforms: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube| TikTok | Email  


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