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Stop Blaming The Devil

By: Tiarra Brooks

“We are all suckers for our own sales pitches.”

- Pastor Andy Stanley

Let’s face it, whether it is an action that we know we shouldn’t take or an item that we know we have no business splurging on, there is no one better than ourselves to convince us to follow through with the decision. Yet, it is easier to blame negative actions on the devil rather than ourselves so we can do what is more convenient. Yes, the devil is real and so is temptation, however, there comes a time when we need to hold ourselves accountable for the actions that we take. As healing takes honesty, brutal honesty is one of the first key steps when it comes to self-leadership.

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin”. - James 4:17

Self-discipline is easier said than done at times! When we know an action is wrong and choose to do it anyway, we must realize that we are only hurting ourselves. It all starts with us having the right mindset and a change of heart that will follow and allow us to do better. Once we make the decision in our mind to stay focused, eat better, live better and treat people better, just to name a few, then the daily actions that we commit to these proposals will make their way to our hearts. Once we have something ingrained in our hearts it reflects in our everyday lives and that is how you can elevate to the next dimension of your life.

Self-accountability is possible and can be achieved but complete honesty with ourselves is where it starts.

Another thing that we have to remember is that God has granted us authority. Anything that is not of God we are able to speak directly to that problem and tell it to leave, that it must go and it cannot stay here! With this authority, it is a necessary belief that you indeed have the authority that God has granted. If you don’t have the right belief system it simply won’t work. We were created for greatness and God only wants the best for us. Knowing where we fall short is how we know what we need to improve upon to get better. There is nothing too big or too small for our God to handle and the enemy is one of them. But, we always have to be honest with ourselves and make sure the enemy that is against us isn’t ourselves.

So Mighty Women of God, in what areas can you start to take more accountability for yourself?


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