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Why Waiting on God is Worth It

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

By: Ashley Monique Goode

As entrepreneurs of faith, we operate differently than other entrepreneurs. Everything we do through our businesses is to serve God, and our ideas and gifts come from Him. For many of us, God is the CEO of our business and before we execute anything, we check with Him.

When it comes to making business moves, we can get excited about the downloads we receive from God. The most challenging part of that process can be waiting to hear from Him. When God gives us a new idea or project, it may not be meant to be executed at that time, but in His timing. I know when God gives me an idea, I always ask what, when and how. It helps me to understand what it looks like, when it needs to be executed and how.

No matter what you’re asking God for, there’s always a waiting period. Waiting on God can be a challenge when you are excited about your new ideas and endeavors God has placed on your heart. If you’re currently in a space of waiting to hear from God, I want you to remember that the wait is worth it, and here’s why.

You learn how to be patient and trust God.

Patience is the ultimate test of being an entrepreneur of faith, especially when you see others doing what you want to do or similar. Patience allows you to trust in God by any means necessary. During this time, you will learn how to trust God’s timing and lean on His Word. Although you might not hear from him right away, you learn to walk by faith and not by sight.

You build high expectancy.

I don’t about you, but when I’m waiting on God for what feels like an eternity, I get excited about what He has planned or what He is going to reveal to me. As you build your trust in God, you become expectant for Him to do more than what you can imagine. You start to believe that God will bless you with more than you’ll ever need. There’s nothing like expecting BIG from the Most High.

You learn how to hear God’s voice.

We all hear from God differently. The way God speaks to you is different from how He speaks to me. God speaks to us in those moments of waiting. When we become patient and quiet our minds, that’s when God begins to answer our prayers, share with us what’s to come, and how to execute those ideas He’s given us. Whether you hear from God through reading the Word, a song you hear on the radio, or through a conversation with a friend, you will learn how to hear his voice.

You will receive clarity.

When we pray and ask to hear from God, we are often in a state of confusion. Whether you get a new brand deal, business partnership, or want to launch a new service, sometimes you just don’t know what to do next. After hearing from God, He will tell you or show you exactly what’s next for your business. In receiving clarity, you will experience God’s peace on your next move. There’s nothing like receiving peace from God on the thing that you’ve believed in him for.

As you continue or begin your journey as an entrepreneur of faith, know that God is always with you. While you wait for Him, don’t think that He has forgotten you. You may not hear from Him right away, but He will come right on time when you least expect it. Focus on building your trust in Him, being patient, and get excited about what God is getting ready to do! He has so much planned for you, and that’s why waiting on God is worth it!


To connect with Ashley, visit her Instagram, Facebook and website.


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