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Work, Rest, Play

Updated: May 15, 2023

By: Melanie Melton, MA, LMFT, ThM, M.Div

What does being a disciple of Jesus Christ, a woman, and an entrepreneur have in common? In a stereotypical fashion, all three share the thread of service unto others–relentlessly. To serve the Lord and as a business woman requires not only the act of serving but the heart for helping others. What that also can entail in our current American culture, is a lack of rest, lack of self-care, and a lack of enjoying the moment. This way of serving can leave you back bending, over-giving, and depleting yourself.

I know! This is not the popular thought, especially among Christian minority women who are

used to going above and beyond non-stop. Yet, it’s my duty in this moment to prompt us all to do a life inventory to see how well we are caring for ourselves, re-filling our cups, and asking and allowing others to pour into us as well.

Why? In my devotional, Queen, Let’s Heal: Seven Day Devotional for Black Women, I discuss

the importance in loving ourselves as Christ loves us–even if others do not celebrate it. With our historical culture as minorities in our country, our ancestors had to over-extend to survive. These survival skills were passed down to us, though I’m here to offer:

we can serve the Lord, live well, and take care of ourselves at the same time!

So. Let me step out of trouble for a second and put it like this: stress kills us sisters. Literally.

Stress and bearing everyone’s burdens also can lead to issues like depression and anxiety,

along with physical health problems. It can wreak havoc in our relationships, friendships, family life, and businesses. How do we pursue the abundant life that we often proclaim?

Some may say–go for IT ALL, I rather am here to offer that we put in dedicated time of focused and purpose driven work, rest, play, and then repeat. With this rhythm, we are honoring our sacred temples by slowing down, resting, and enjoying this life that we have been given. Not only that, but we are also showing our world and the world how to follow Jesus, serve, lead, and live the healthy way. How much more will we be able to serve (and enjoy it!) as the boss women that we are, if we make the commitment to take care of ourselves.


About the Author:

Melanie Melton is an ordained minister, author, and NC licensed marriage and family therapist. She is passionate about and committed to helping others heal from traumatic events and life's challenges in order to flourish.

To learn more about Melanie and her work providing mental health and spiritual wellness education to churches, seminaries, nonprofits and beyond, please visit: . Ready to purchase Melanie’s devotional and it’s companion journal?


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